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princess minnie
live free
lovelikesocial: Hello lovely!! We have chosen your drawing of Katy Perry to be featured on our Tumblr in the next couple of days - so watch out! Great work! We hope you are having a great day :) Team LoveLike Xx

aw great to hear, thank you!xx

positivitey: your blog is lovely, thank you for the follow! i followed back. :)

aw thank you, and you’re more than welcome!

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Anonymous: You're a wonderful artist!

aw thank you!

the house from up
i’m sorry but i still love disney at thirteen
Anonymous: I meant draw...


Anonymous: Oi it's Lucy (Guy) Did you drew all these!!??!!??

Well most of them are copies of cartoons and other art, but aha yeah I drew them all hehe and I like your use of exclamation marks